Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Long Time Away!

I honestly hadn't realised it's been six months since I last sat down and updated my blog! So what's happened in that time?

Well, away from match fishing I've finally managed to catch my first 20lb carp, a common of 22lb 14oz. Alas, it wasn't from the river but I've still done it! The river campaign hasn't been a complete loss, but I had a while off it at the start of the season as I was just too busy. I've notched up a small common of just over 8lb but I was quite happy with that - a fish that perhaps had never been caught before. It certainly put up a hell of a scrap! I've still got one more session planned while the weather holds - you never know...

I've not done incredibly well in terms of matches, about half-a-dozen wins and a few frame places. There has however been a lot of could have / should have done betters. The best of the bunch was a win this Sunday just passed with 127lb 5oz - mostly taken on the short pole and meat/corn, either in the edge or just down the near slope. Thoroughly enjoyable as much for the beautiful weather as much as the fishing!

With the evenings well and truly drawing in, and the fact that I've actually got my home broadband in to the 21st century and got it wireless, I'll hopefully be bringing back a few regular updates!

Tight Lines!


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